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Are You an Author Who Can't Get Out of the Marketing/Promotion Starting Block?

Writing your book was an accomplishment in and of itself; and I congratulate you on finishing your work. However, I am quite sure no one told you, after that long process, your work was only beginning. The even bigger task is getting potential readers to not only purchase your book, but getting your potential readers to know you and your book even exist. It's not an automatic thing!

What you are dealing with is known amongst marketers as the lack of an audience and a marketing funnel. The marketing funnel is the process of building awareness, developing interest in your book, creating desire for your book and getting people to take action and purchase your book.

Is Your Book Sitting in Boxes

Maybe your book sits in the bedroom, the basement, the garage, the study, a distributor's or publisher's warehouse but hopefully NOT in your living room! However, sitting books is a common situation many authors face. They write a book, publish the book, print the book and then it just sits in boxes gathering dust because they don't know how to bring it to market.

Getting your book to the market is a difficult process for most authors because they lack the knowledge and the tenacity to do it.

Most authors believe once they write the book the process is over and that just isn't so.

When you finish writing the book the work is just beginning. It's now time to get your work in front of people who care and are willing to help you get the word out.

What Does a Best Selling Author Have That You Don't?

There is a difference between authors and Best Selling Authors, but it's not instantaneous. Before a Best Selling Author becomes a Best Selling Author; they are just like you! No one knows about their book, no one - or at least very few - know about them; they are obscure, they are not on the radar!

The next difference is they are not willing to sit in that position; they WILL take steps to change.

Have you ever heard of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series of books? When Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen wrote their first book they labored in obscurity for 14 months. They were turned down by publisher after publisher before they ever hit the Best Seller lists. They had to work at it every day finding ways to make people aware of their book.

Best Selling Authors understand the job facing them: they need to build their audience. Read more...

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